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Taste True Hemp

Taste True Hemp

With new and exciting treats hitting the dog food market every day, keeping up with trends is something the team at Natural Cornish Pet Shop are proud of. From Grain-Free to Raw Treats, we love any product that promises to be beyond tasty and beneficial for our dogs’ health and wellbeing.

When it comes to all-natural ingredients, we only choose the best to showcase in the Natural Cornish Pet Shop. Only the finest foods fill our products, and if it’s not 100% natural then we simply do not use it.

But there is one ingredient the team here cannot stop raving about; Hemp Oil.

Packed with an abundance of healthy benefits, Hemp Oil really is the new kid on the block. Supporting ailments from joint pain to digestive issues, Hemp Oil can really be the saving grace your dog needs to live a long and happy life. With a little dash of this super oil in their diets can get their tails wagging and doing what they do best all day long.

Hemp: What’s it all about?

Hemp is a derivative of the Cannabis Sativa plant but is important not to get Hemp oil confused with the drug – it contains a minuscule amount (0.02%) of the mind-altering THC component so will give your pet all the positives of the plant without any side effects.

How Hemp Dog Treats Can Help

Got an itchy dog? An anxious dog? Do they have aches in pains in all those sensitive places? Well, Hemp is for your dog.

With a multitude of vitamins and minerals to support your dogs’ health, it is no surprise that humans have been using hemp for thousands of years to aid those annoying ailments. Bursting with goodness, here are some of the fantastic ways hemp can help your hound:

  • Great source of protein
  • Full of Riboflavin (Vitamin B) – Great for eyesight and skin
  • Packed with Folic Acid – Crucial to producing healthy blood cells
  • Contains SDA (Steridonic Acid), a plant based source of Omega 3 – fantastic for a healthy coat
  • Bursting with Thiamine – Strengthening power for joints and muscles

But how does hemp oil work?

Here's the magic bit.

Our four-legged friends naturally produce prostaglandins – the hormone responsible for maintaining muscle and joint health. Hemp Oil contains a range of fatty acids like Omega 3 & 6, which are excellent contributors to creating prostaglandins therefore proving your pet is an extra boost of TLC when chomping down on our range of hemp-infused treats giving them all the joint and muscle support they need to lead a long, happy life! 

True Leaf Pet

Based in the glorious countryside of British Columbia, Canada, True Leaf products are the result of the brilliant brains of True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. They work tirelessly to develop and create hemp-based products that aim to prolong the life of our furry friends and new and exciting ways to make sure our pets are as happy as can be.

As the benefits of hemp seed oil are becoming known more and more, True Leaf Pet has experienced exceptional growth since hitting the market in 2015 and their sticks are available in over 1500 stores across North America, New Zealand, as well as many stores in Europe including yours truly.

We are beyond proud to stock a wide variety of True Leaf products within our store. The True Hemp range of treats and chews by True Leaf are a fantastic way to keep your dogs health in check and their tails wagging all day long. 

True Hemp Treats by True Leaf

Packed with 70% wholesome protein and completely grain-free, these meat based treats are a fantastic way of introducing hemp seed oil into your pet’s diet. The combination of paw-fect protein and helpful hemp provides your dog with a scrumptious and nutritionally beneficial snack we guarantee they will come back for time and time again.

Available in a range of flavours with each targeted at a specific ailment of our furry friends, True Hemp treats are created with dog’s health and wellbeing in mind. From anxious dogs to itchy dogs, no matter the problem, True Hemp has the solution.

Our range of True Hemp Dog Treats:

True Hemp Dog Dental Sticks

For those ‘in-between’ brush days, we recommend giving your pooch a dental chew to ensure a proper maintenance of oral health. Like us, our dogs need to keep their gnashers in check and dental sticks are a great way to reduce tartar, plaque and any grimy build up for food throughout the day.

Containing the same ingredients as their tasty treats, True Hemp Dental Sticks are a fantastic way your pet can get a daily dose of hemp in their diets and bursting those moments of boredom by chomping on a champion chew to keep those teeth clean and tidy.

Available in the same varieties of their treats: Calming, Hip + Joint Support and Skin + Coat, these delicious dental chews are fantastic for dogs with stinky breath and a great all-natural alternative to not-so-nice high-street brand dental sticks. You can even buy Dental Sticks in bulk to make. saving, whilst keeping your dog's mouths happy!

So if you are after a tasty treat that is straight from Mother Nature, trial a taste of True Hemp today and see for yourselves how Hemp can leave you with one happy hound.

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