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Trust True Instinct

Trust True Instinct

With supermarkets laden with endless choices of dog food, deciding which option is best for our pets can be a nightmarish task. From Wheat-Free, Grain-Free and Raw Foods all hitting the market, the range of pet food out there at the moment is truly remarkable. Ultimately, all we strive to do – as pet owners - is give our four-legged friends the best possible chance to lead a wonderful life.

The team at Natural Cornish Pet shop work hard in researching the best brands on the market and in our store you will only find the most wholesome, natural and responsibly sourced dog food and treats that can be sold. We prides ourselves on stocking completely natural products and one product we firmly stand behind is – Raw.

When it comes to raw, we love it all. Packed with the highest quality meat, 100% natural and free from man-made nastiness – we believe if theres a way to go – it’s raw. As ambassadors for all things unprocessed – when it comes to instinct – this one is true. There is one brand out there that never fail to get our dogs’ tails wagging and their lips smacking for their scrumptious selection. Delicious beyond belief and packed with optimum nutrition for our pets, there is no doubt in our minds that this brilliant brand is one of the best on the market.

Here’s introducing True Instinct Dog Food.

Seeking only the best ingredients to ensure our pets lead a full and vibrant life, True Instinct believe in high quality products that are great on quality and value. When it comes to Raw Food – they are a major contender.

Nature At Its Best

Based in the heart of Norfolk, True Instinct develops each recipe with pet wellness in mind. Only using the finest quality proteins, botanicals, vegetables and superfoods, their food is packed with tonnes of the vital nutrients and minerals that our furry friends need in their long and active lives.

Every single ingredient used in True Instinct dog food is selected organically and sourced responsibly meaning your pooch gets their paws on some of the highest quality meat and fish sourced in and around Europe. Freeze-dried to lock in those nourishing nutrients and fantastic flavours, each variety of True Instinct dog food promises a nutritionally complete meal packed full of fabulous flavour.

With no fillers, preservatives or artificial flavourings – True Instinct use real ingredients, with real flavours that are responsibly sourced and formulated by veterinary experts meaning their food is made just as it should be.

Raw Boost Dry Dog Food

Combining high protein 80/20 dog biscuits with freeze-dried protein chunks, Raw Boost provides our pooches with a nutritionally balanced meal with a protein boost.

The high protein bites are made from the finest cuts of meat and fish to create a high meat recipe to help with growth and development. These are then blended with natural prebiotics, vegetables, superfoods, fruits and botanicals to provide complete and nutritious meals.

Grain and cereal-free, True Instinct Raw Boost dry dog food works to support a healthy immune system and provides everything your dog needs for healthy skin, coat and working muscles. 

Raw Boost is great for dog owners who are considering a raw food diet as the mixture of biscuits and raw meat chunks allows an easy transition from dry to raw food.

Available in the following flavours:

Raw Bites Raw Dog Food

Nothing more than hearty chunks of top quality British meat. Raw Bites are exactly what they say on the packet – bitesize pieces of wholesome proteins providing your dog with all the healthy goodness our British farming has to offer, in the very best format for digestion gold.

These nutritionally balanced bites are a delicious blend of the finest cuts of meat mixed with wholesome vegetables, fruits and 20 superfoods for a natural and complete diet.

Raw bites are completely grain, gluten and cereal free and contain no artificial colours or preservatives making them an ideal diet for grain intolerant dogs or itchy dog suffering from grain/wheat/gluten allergies.

Consisting of 80% premium quality deboned cuts of meat and essential fatty acids, Raw Bites help to provide healthier skin and glossier coat for your four-legged friends. Their high meat content is then combined with a delicious mix of vegetables, fruits and superfoods including rosemary, sweet potato, and kale to provide your pets with a dinner they will want time and time again.

Available in the following flavours:

Meat Bites Meals To Go

Their brand new, revolutionary freeze-dried range amalgamates the flavour and goodness of raw ingredients with the ease and convenience of traditional biscuits.

Made from 100% premium quality meat with no grain, no gluten and absolutely no bulking agents. True Instinct Meat Bites contain nothing more than wholesome ingredients that provide naturally-derived nutrients that your dogs will instinctively love.

But what does ‘Freeze-Dried’ actually mean? Well, they simply make their nuggets from delicious quality cuts of raw meat and the most scrumptious selected fruits and vegetables. Then, each nugget is flash frozen and gently ‘dried’ to remove the moisture over 10-20 hours. The result is a highly nutritious, intensely flavoured, 100% all-natural treat that your dog can enjoy right from the pack - No defrosting required. Just open, pour and serve. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Available in the following fantastic flavours:

Trust your instinct and take a leap into raw food today and provide your pooch with a range of food that will keep them running to their food bowls time and time again.

Shop the full range of True Instinct both In-store and online - Shop Now!

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