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Wagtastically Wholesome

Wagtastically Wholesome

Wagtastically Wholesome

When it comes to food or treats, we believe only natural, wholesome products are the best for our pooches.

From dry-extruded to cold-pressed or raw, our dog’s food should contain nothing more than what the label promises. No preservatives, additives or nonsense ingredients filling up the food at Natural Cornish Pet Shop! We only sell all-natural, delightfully-delicious dinners that showcase only the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

What makes our products so special is the love and care that goes into each and every one of the products we sell. With our close relationships the brands that we sell, we only put products on our shelf that we 100% stand behind and believe are the best for your four-legged friend – if it isn’t good enough for us, it isn’t good for them.

Nothing but Natural

Free from fillers and bulking agents, our foods contain nothing more than the natural ingredients our dogs know and love. Throughout evolution, our furry friends have adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it more difficult to digest grains such as rice & cereals (ingredients often used as fillers in leading high-street brands). Their inability to produce the enzyme, amylase, in their saliva, means that they struggle to break down starchy carbohydrates. So as much as we humans love our carbs, they just aren’t good for our pets.

Our range of fantastic food is completely grain-free and contains only 100% wholesome ingredients that provide your dog with all the nutrition they need to live a long and happy life.

Our brilliant brands take all the ingredients that pets have come to know and love and remove any form of grain from their recipe leaving a product that is not only delicious but better for our canine companions.

Our Best All Natural Brands

Forthglade Sardines with Sweet Potato & Vegetables Dog Food - Wet Forthglade


From complete to complimentary, we stock a scrumptious selection of Forthglade’s finest food to give your dogs some of the most tail-waggingly tasty food on offer. With both complimentary and complete meals to choose from, your dog will be spoilt for choice of what Forthglade meal to eat next!

Choose from their complete range (to give your dog all their dietary needs in one whole meal) or choose their complementary selection offering your dogs some tasty toppers to their already delicious doggy dinners.

Shop Forthglade’s range today.


Akela Dog Food - Working Dog Suffolk Duck Dog Food - Dry Akela

Akela 80/20 complete working dog food is vet-approved and contains highly digestible human-grade ingredients, is grain-free, has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is high in meat content for extra palatability. It contains 80% protein, 20% Fruit, Veg and Botanicals and 0% Grains. Suitable for working dogs and puppies from weaning to old age.

Available in flavours such as:

  • Duck
  • Fish Feast
  • Scottish Salmon
  • Original (Turkey, Chicken & Fish).

Shop Akela 80/20 Dog food now!

Aflora Gwithian Surf & Turf Cold Pressed Dog Food - Dry Aflora Aflora

Our very own cold-pressed dog food was designed by owners Jordan & Katy after understanding the substantial benefits of the cold-pressed method rather than extrusion. With dog wellbeing and nutrition in mind, their delicious concoction of meat and fish is delicious, nutritious and down-right pawfection.

High quality and exceptional value for money, we are exceptionally proud of Aflora, Gwithian Surf & Turf Cold Pressed. Not only does it pack a meaty punch with almost half-filled with protein, its grain-free formula means it’s good on the tummies too!

Check out our Aflora range here.

Why Raw?

Deriving from their ancestral diet, our canine companions have adapted with carnivorous needs. With dry kibble often providing a smaller amount of meat per bite, raw food ensures our furry friends are getting the meatiest of mouthfuls in every single morsel.

As massive advocates of all things raw – here are some of the fantastic benefits raw dog food can have for your four-legged friend:

  • Beneficial for Digestion - Raw, natural food can be easier for dogs to digest. Free from added sugar, bulkers or derivatives found in some pet foods, raw food ensures that each bite is safe for our dogs’ tummies.
  • Pawfect Poos – Yes we said it! Better poo! We all hate the moment our dog does the deed and the mess is impossible to pick up and smelly beyond belief. Containing only all-natural ingredients, raw food can ensure our dog’s poos are less smelly, firmer and much much easier to pick up.
  • Shinier Coats and Healthier Skin – Raw food provides a two-pronged attack to our dog’s appearance. Packed with the right amount of fruits, vegetables and proteins (and even superfoods), raw food results in a glossy coat and can improve a variety of skin itchiness caused by high-grain foods.
  • Stronger Teeth – Nature’s Menu’s range of raw, meaty treats are a great natural way to add to your pet’s routine dental care. A tasty, healthy choice to help clean teeth, provide entertainment and freshen breath.

No matter what kind of dog food you are after, when it comes to all-natural, we do it best.

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