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Why Does My Dog Itch? Our guide to Grain Free!

Why Does My Dog Itch? Our guide to Grain Free!

Does your dog incessantly scratch? Are they constantly trying to itch at their skin and coat without any possible reason why? Has their licking or biting at parts of their body confused you beyond belief? If your answer is yes to any of these then your dog might be suffering from overly sensitive skin.

Do not fear, the Natural Cornish Pet Shop are here and we have main reasons and resolutions to eradicate that itchy and scratchy skin leaving your four-legged friend soothed and itch free giving more time to do the things they love.

Like us, our dog’s skin can become sensitive to everyday factors. Environmental factors, pests and even diet can cause havoc upon our pet’s skin and leaving their fur feeling irritated all night long. One factor we believe has more outbreak of irritated skin than any other is food intolerances to everyday ingredients that are food in many dog’s food on the market.


When it comes to primary ingredients, grains are often the key substances in many pet food brands on supermarket shelves. From wheat to rice, grains are used to provide the ‘filling power’ of many dog foods but can actually be the source of canine itching later on in life. As many of us know, despite human adoration for wheat, grains can wreak havoc upon our health and too much of these wonderfully tasting foods can actually lead to digestive and skin issues in our furry friends.

Grain allergies and intolerances develop in dog’s due to an over consumption of them throughout their life. As wheat, barley, rye, oats act as key component in many leading dog food brands, it is hard to avoid the gluttony of gluten in both ours and our pet’s diet. Our scientific understanding of the impact gluten has on human health has led to the creation of millions on gluten-free and wheat-free alternatives in leading supermarkets – this is no different for our pets.

Companies now are becoming Grain-Free meaning our four-legged friends’ food is packed with more wholesome nutritional goodness that leaves their skin itch-free and their bellies full each and every day.

Go Grain-Free

Throughout evolution, dogs have adapted to eat meat, and it has always been a part of their ancestral diet. Like all carnivorous beings, dogs can find it difficult to digest grains in large quantities. They can have difficulty producing the enzyme  'amylase' in their saliva, meaning they struggle to break down starchy carbohydrates. So as much as we all love our carbs, they just aren’t great for our pets.

Many Dog Food Brands like Aflora, Canagan and Akela replace the grains with proteins and vegetables (that are rich in Omega 3 and 6) instead. This provides our four-legged companions with a wholesome, all-natural and 100% healthy diet to keep their skin and coat looking and feeling amazing.

Replacing grains with Omega 3 products can do wonders for our pet’s skin. The immune-boosting properties of ALA (Alpha-linolenic acid) support your dog’s natural skin defences and works to improve common skin problems such as:

  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Dandruff
  • Skin infections

Say goodbye to itchy and flaky skin and say hello to shiny, silky coats leaving our pets looking and feeling healthier for longer.

Our Top Grain-Free Foods For Dogs


Created straight from the heart of us here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, our very own, leading brand of dry and cold-pressed dog food is 100% grain free and beyond delicious. Inspired by the beauty and richness of the Cornish coast, Aflora packs a handful of flavours whilst providing all the wholesome goodness and nutrition that your dog truly needs.  

Here’s why Aflora is one of our best creations:

  • Added Omega 3 to help support a healthy skin and coat.
  • We use excellent alternatives to grain, such as Sweet Potato, that are rich in B Vitamins.
  • Contains NO artificial colours or preservatives.
  • Naturally preserved using rosemary extract.
  • Made in Britain.
  • 100% Grain Free
  • Completely Hypoallergenic.

Shop the Aflora Grain-Free range here! 


With Canagan, it is all about flavour. From their dry food to their delightful treats, Canagan never compromise on taste. Featuring premium quality products such as Country Game, Free-Range Chicken and Omega-Rich Salmon, Canagan aims to be the best product on the market.

No quality has been spared at Canagan. Each product contains the highest quality sourced protein and vegetables that you would expect at an English Manor house dinner in the middle of the countryside. Canagan excels in everything it produces and it shows. Fantastic flavours, marvellous meat and organic vegetables results in a dog food that frankly, we believe, is good enough for our Sunday dinner.

Shop the Canagan Dog Food range here! 


Akela prides themselves on their understanding of what dog’s love to eat. As the canine species has evolved to hunt and eat prey, the products they create is developed with this predatory instinct in place. Featuring high-meat content and completely grain-free, their food is not just delicious but is created with a multitude of health benefits to keep working dogs at their prime throughout their entire life.

Akela 80/20 complete working dog food is vet-approved, contains highly digestible human-grade ingredients, is grain-free, has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is high in meat content for extra palatability. It contains 80% protein, 20% Fruit, Veg and Botanicals and 0% Grains. Suitable for working dogs and puppies from weaning to old age.

Available in flavours such as: Suffolk Duck, Fish Feast, Scottish Salmon and Original (Turkey, Chicken & Fish).

Shop the Akela dog food range here! 

    Sat scratching your head about how to stop your four-legged friends irritating itches? Switch to Grain-Free food today and watch your canine companion’s skin and coat looks glossier, shinier and healthier than it’s ever been before.

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