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Why Natural Dog Treats Are Best

Why Natural Dog Treats Are Best

Why Natural is always best

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are proud to only sell products that are 100% natural. When it comes to the ingredients that are stuffed into our dogs’ food and treats, if it’s not wholesome, natural, beneficial and tasty then we simply do not sell it.

As ambassadors for all-natural dog food and treats, our team ensure each and every product within the store contains exactly what it says on the label – stuffed with goodness and empty of additive and preservative nastiness.

Why all the fuss?

Well, unlike some leading brands on the market. Many of our brands ensure everything that is packed into their treats has come from Mother Nature herself. Some of the most well-known companies that don our supermarket shelves contain chemicals and ingredients that have been shown to lead to harmful illnesses in our four-legged friends. This - we do not stand for.

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, you will find an array of tasty treats for your furry friend. From chews to biscuits, each and every one of our pawfect products are made not only to provide a delicious delicacy for your dogs, but are created with a whole heap of goodness to help with their everyday wellbeing to keep your canine companion leading a long and happy life. 

Dental Chews

Many leading brands of dental chews actually contain a range of ingredients that are far from the wholesome goodness you’d expect from a dog’s dental chew. Packed with artificial meat flavourings, preservatives and additives, top brand dental chews can sometimes do more harm than good. When shopping with dog’s dental health in mind, we advise to look for natural dental chews that are easily digestible and contain 100% wholesome ingredients.

Top 5 brilliant brands:

Why does my dog need a dental chew?

If there is one way of ensuring top quality dental health, its a good, thorough tooth brush. Like us, dog’s need to look after their oral health just as much as their physical health. With regular brushing, you can ensure a reduction in tartar and plaque build-up, fantastic gums and strong and healthy teeth.

For those moments in-between brushing sessions, dental sticks can provide an alternative for keeping your pooch’s teeth clean and shiny all day long.  Made to massage gums and cleaning away plaque and tartar, many of the dental sticks mentioned above contain a range of natural ingredients that provide a range of benefits for your dog’s dental health and taste beyond delicious – giving your four-legged friend a chew that is both a boredom buster and packed with all the nutrition and minerals they need to keep their mouths in check.

Peanut Butter - 

This scrumptious spread has been a top treat for dogs as long as we can remember. Packed with peanuty goodness, this Omega 3 rich snack can be massively beneficial to dogs as it can works wonders for a healthy skin and coat. However, when it comes to Peanut Butter there is one ingredient we must be cautious of when giving our furry friends this nutty treat.

Xylitol can be found in many leading brands of Peanut Butter as an artificial sweetener. Despite the reduction of sugar, these brands can be dangerously deadly for our pets as Xylitol can cause poisoning to an extreme level. We always recommend that if you choose to feed your pet this scrumptious spread, make sure to double check if the brand contains Xylitol.

Keep it Natural

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love everything peanuty. With our new vegetable peanut butter treats available in-store and online, be sure to grab your dog a wholesome, nutty treat that is nothing but natural. When it comes to peanut butter – keep it wholesome and keep it safe!

Our Peanut Butter treats and chews are 100% Xylitol-free and tasty beyond belief to guarantee your dog’s tail is wonderfully wagging right down until the very last bite.

Try some of our range of pawfect peanut butter treats:

Vegetable & Peanut Butter Crocodiles - Shop Individually / Shop Bulk

Vegetable & Peanut Butter filled Antlers - Shop Individually / Shop Bulk

Peanut Butter Bones  - Shop Individually / Shop Bulk

Meaty Mouthfuls

For many of our four-legged friends, the thought of a meaty treat gets them salivating at the thought. From chicken to venison, meat is a staple ingredient in many leading pet products. But did you know – big brands tend to use meat flavourings and derivatives meaning they can contain as little as 4% meats in their chews and treats. So what you think to be sourced from high quality pieces of succulent lamb or roasted beef may actually be anything from claws to lungs and everything offal in-between.

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, our meaty treats are exactly what they say on the tin. Packed to the brim with natures finest and nothing else. No artificial colours or flavourings. Just 100% whole cuts of poultry, meat, game and fish meaning your dog gets a meaty treat straight from field to fork.

Here are some of our mightiest meaty munchies:

If you are after terrific treats that are wholesome and natural, take a look at some of our amazing products today and pack your pooch with a range of snacks that are nastiness free and full of goodness in each and every bite.

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