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Why Woofbrush?

Why Woofbrush?

Why Woofbrush?

Brushing our teeth is one of the most important routines in our day. Keeping our mouths as healthy as possible ensures our pearly whites stay white and free from nasty plaque and tartar. Just like us humans, our dogs need to keep their knashers in check too. But did you know you can do more than just brushing?

Dental sticks provide an extra source of tooth fighting power for your dogs’ teeth. Chewing and chomping on a dental stick regularly can increase oral health and leave your dogs’ breath smelling wonderfully clean. Packed with all-natural and wholesome ingredients, the right dental stick can be great for not just oral hygiene, but for all-round health and wellbeing too.

So if there’s one champion of chews we need to bark about – It’s the WOOFBRUSH. Created by the brilliant brains from Lily’s Kitchen, this best-selling dental chew has wowed the market since its release and is one of the greatest dental chews sold today. Full to the brim with organic, natural and wholesome ingredients, the Woofbrush is everything your dog needs to keep their pearly whites looking and feeling pawfect.

Inside the Kitchen

Stemmed from love and adoration for all things animal, Lily’s Kitchen was born from a need to discover the truth behind big brand dog food. After caring for her sick terrier ‘Lily’ (the dog the brand is named after), Henrietta decided to create her own brand of food that was nothing but organic and natural.

Since then, the team at Lily’s Kitchen is dedicated to creating food and treats that are exactly what they say on the label. 100% natural and no nastiness added. When it comes to wholesome pet food, Lily’s Kitchen knows their stuff. So when deciding upon a dental chew that would transform oral hygiene, Henrietta and the gang had no idea their Woofbrush would take the world by storm.

The Woofbrush

Do you want a dental chew with a difference? Then, Woofbrush is for you!

At Lily’s Kitchen, they believe all pets deserve proper food and there is no exceptions, even when it comes to dental chews. In addition to toothpaste, our dogs need some extra TLC when looking after their knashers. The Woofbrush acts as toothpaste and a toothbrush in one, giving you the clean they need whilst saving you time and effort.

Carefully crafted with the help of our pet dental experts, the Woofbrush uses the finest natural ingredients like parsley, coconut oil and fennel for a proper clean without the added nonsense. That sounds pawfect to us.

Superb Shape

Although resembling Roald Dahl’s BFG ‘snozzcumber’, the Woofbrush’s superb shape was delicately designed with dog’s dental health in mind.

Its clever spongey texture gets right down to the gum line of your dog’s mouth to wipe away plaque and keep your dog’s mouth feeling fresh all day long. The air rated texture gives the chew ultimate flexibility meaning it flexes perfectly around your dog’s teeth. Given to the dogs that work within Lily’s headquarters, the team at LK know that Woofbrushes are a treat and not a chore.

Terrific Taste and Brilliant Benefits

Containing the super supplement of seaweed, this earthy chew gives your pets a taste of the ocean’s own. Combined with coconut oil and fennel, this nutritious, wholesome chew is fabulous for dogs with stinky breath, and provides a scrumptious snack that is great for digestion too.

Ingenious Ingredients -

  • Coconut Oil – Beneficial for Mouth and Gum Health
  • Algae – Superb Source of Vit B ( Fantastic for cardiovascular health and maintenance of healthy skin & coat)
  • Decaffeinated Green Tea – Amazing Antioxidants for immune support
  • Parsley and Fennel – Beat Bad Breath.

Why Natural is Best

When it comes to dog food and treats, we will never stand behind a product that fails to promise what it says on the label. Unlike regular, big-brand dental chews, Woofbrush is nothing more than an edible toothbrush for our dogs.

With no harmful or harsh chemicals, free from preservatives and additives and 100% natural, if you want a dental stick for your dog – then this is the one of you. A firm favourite amongst our customers, forget regular dental chews and invest in the best tool for your dog’s teeth; invest in the Woofbrush.

Woofbrush sizes are as follows:

  • The small size is for smaller dog breeds that weigh between 1kg and 10kg.
  • The medium size is for medium sized dog breeds that weigh between 11kg and 25kg.
  • The large size is for larger dog breeds that weigh over 26kg.

Available in singular packs for £1.15 or Multipacks from £5.99 -

We recommend a Woofbrush a day to support your dog’s dental health, and no matter what size pooch you have, there is a Woofbrush for you!

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