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You’ve Goat to be Kiddin’ Me

You’ve Goat to be Kiddin’ Me

You’ve Goat to be Kiddin’ Me

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love to be everything but ordinary.

As meat-based products take up at least 80% of the dog food market, choosing the right meat for our four-legged friends can be a mighty mountain to climb. However, as knew and exciting protein-alternatives hit the market, we can offer you something a little bit extra when it comes to a meaty treat.

But with the likes of Beef, Chicken and even Lamb being the main contenders on our dog food shelves, there is one meat we really don’t kid about with.


A staple in Caribbean countries, Goat has travelled across the Atlantic and made its way onto our shelves and we can’t imagine life without it. Tasty, tender and packed with all the vitamins and minerals our dogs need, here are all our amazing reasons why we are bleating for goat.

It’s environmentally friendly.

One of the most notable reasons people are choosing to incorporate goat into their own and their dog’s diet is because of the sustainability of the meat. Goats don’t impact the environment to the same degree that cows and other animals do.

Goats require less space to raise than cattle, which means less green space must be converted to farmland to raise them. Additionally, goats are browsers, rather than grazers, which means they’re easier to feed and that they don’t cause the kind of damage that cows cause while feeding. Choosing Goat is not only scrumptious beyond belief, but great for the environment too.

Got an allergy or intolerance?

Food allergies usually arise in response to a protein dogs are regularly exposed to such as the common culprits; chicken, beef or lamb. As we all know, the most common way of treating dogs with food allergies is to stop feeding them their current food. As dogs are less likely to be exposed to the proteins in goat, they are less likely to build an allergy or intolerance as thus Goat often works wonderfully in such circumstances.

Nutritionally Beneficial

Goat meat has far fewer calories than beef or chicken, so it may be a great option for dogs who need to lose a few pounds. Goat meat also has more protein than beef and nearly as much as chicken, while having much less fat than either of them. So for those pooches out there who may be on weight management plans or need to shed some lockdown weight, Goat is a great alternative to regular protein sources on the market.

What to look for when selecting a Goat based product

Once you’ve decided to give goat-based products a try, it is important to choose carefully. Dog foods differ wildly in terms of quality, and you’ll want to make sure that you consider the options available carefully to ensure you provide your dog with the best recipe possible but to make your choices as easy and simple as ever. All of our Goat based products are:

  • Completely Natural
  • Sourced ethically and responsibly
  • Contain only 100% Goat meat – no derivatives
  • Manufactured under the best methods
  • Highest and Finest Quality

JR Pure Goat Sticks

Jr Pure Goat Sticks Dog Treats JR Pet Products

JR's award-winning 'Pure' Range is made from only the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat. Grain and gluten free – no additives, no preservatives…. nothing but meat! 100% Natural. 100% Delicious.

These mighty meat sticks are responsibly sourced from parts of Europe and made from human-grade meat. Suitable for all breeds, and even both dry and raw-fed dogs can enjoy the benefits of these treats.



Buy now for £2.79 - Shop Here


Goat Ears and Goat Ears (with Hair)

JR Goat Ears Dog Treats JR Pet Products - A Natural Dog Chew

If your pooch fancies something a little more primal, then these 100% natural treats are the chews for you. Despite their hair-raising appearance, JR’s Primal Range has an endless realm of health benefits to keep your dog fighting-fit and in their prime.

The hair in these caveman chews aid your dogs digestion as a natural wormer, and help maintain a dog’s dental hygiene. Suitable for all dog breeds including both raw and kibble fed dogs, everyone can enjoy the benefits of their primal range dog treats.

Both available for £4.99 

Goat training Treats

Jr Pure Goat Training Treats Dog Treats JR Pet Products

These award-winning training treats are an ideal reward for all the puppies out there. Made from the finest cuts of goat, these grain and gluten-free treats are responsibly sourced from Europe and made from human-grade meat.

These treats are suitable for all breeds, and both kibble and raw-fed dogs can enjoy their benefits.




Grab yours today for £3.99 - Shop Now

So if these treats have you bleating for more, visit our goat range today and give your dog something tremendously tasty and delicious beyond belief – we promise we aren’t kiddin.

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