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AATU is a unique high protein diet that provides dogs with the true benefits supplied by Mother Nature. Each recipe contains over 80% meat or fish, and is enriched with 32 fruits, veggies, herbs, spices and botanicals. AATU is freshly prepared and hand-crafted in small batch recipes. It is also completely FREE FROM gluten, grain, white potato, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, and GM ingredients.

Mother nature evolved dogs and wolves as carnivores, ‘meat eaters’, animals deriving their energy and nutrient requirements mainly from meat protein. However, a study has found that a key factor in the domestication of dogs was their ability to easily digest carbohydrates and starch in food. Whilst this may be true, at Pet Food UK we always believe in a happy balance and fully understand that there is no one food that works for all dogs. This is the prime reason for formulating AATU, a bespoke and unique 80/20 diet that can benefit dogs who suit a higher meat diet enriched with fruits, herbs and botanicals.

AATU is the first single sourced protein 80/20 diet and is made with freshly prepared, preservative free meat. AATU is so highly concentrated we use 2.5kg of ingredients to make 1kg of finished product. To make a 10kg bag we have to use 25kg of raw ingredients!

AATU is free of grain, white potato and gluten (a composite known to cause allergic reactions) and is a low glycemic diet. AATU is handcrafted in small batch recipes, naturally made without artificial colours, without artificial preservatives, without artificial flavours and without GM ingredients.

At Pet Food UK we are very proud of all our products and now AATU offers us a fabulous opportunity to bring naturally unique and evolutionary appropriate food to your pets. We wholeheartedly believe that after our years of researching, observing, using advanced technologies and listening to thousands of dog owners, AATU will be one of the best products your dog has ever tasted.

Don’t take our word for it though, let your dog show you the difference!

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