Earth Animal No-Hide Wholesome Beef Dog Chew - Small

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Earth Animal No-Hide Wholesome Beef Chew - Large

Earth Animal’s No-Hide Wholesome Chews are a healthy alternative to rawhide* that your dogs are sure to enjoy. These natural chews are hand-rolled to create a treat that are delicious, long-lasting and suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Earth Animal No-Hide chews are made from a carefully crafted blend of just seven natural ingredients, including organic meats and eggs, brown rice flour and olive oil.

No-Hide chews are 100% free of chemicals, additives, bleaches and formaldehydes, making them the perfect replacement for nasty rawhide*. In addition to this, No-Hide chews are much easier to digest than traditional rawhide chews.

No-Hide Dog Chews are -

  • Delicious
  • Long-Lasting
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Free of Chemicals
  • Suitable for all sizes

*Rawhide chews are often bleached for the sole purpose of looking nicer to humans, and the resulting chemicals can have a negative impact on your pet’s health.

Size Guide

While these chews couldn't be better when it comes to digestibility and wholesome ingredients, we still recommend you give your pet a No-Hide that is appropriately sized, and to always supervise your dog whilst they’re chewing (this goes for all treats!). Picking a chew that is larger than your dog’s mouth will mean that the dog will have to gnaw much slower, preventing gulping, aggressive chewing, and the chew breaking up. Your pets safety is what is most important, so Chews Wisely!

Below is a recommended size guide -

  • Small Dogs / Cats - Up to 6-7kgs - No-Hide Stix
  • Medium Dogs - Up to 20kg - Small No-Hide
  • Large Dogs - Up to 35kg - Medium No-Hide
  • Giant Dogs - 35kg and above - Large No-Hide

Why a No-hide Dog Chew?

Dogs chew for different reasons, but you know your pet better than anyone else to decide what chew is right for them, however No-Hide have some excellent added benefits that you wont find in every natural chew!

  • Dental benefits by cleaning teeth and massaging the gums
  • Attention benefits by easing boredom and offering long lasting durability
  • Psychological benefits by providing soothing comfort and support

About Earth Animal

Earth Animal is an innovative US based company who specialise in creating natural, honest and healthy pet products for both dogs and cats. Founded by Dr Bob and Susan Goldstein, their lives work has been to find ways to improve the wellness of animals. By combining science with nature, they've crafted a company whose mission is to create health and wellness products you wont find anywhere else. They focus on using a variety of fresh, natural ingredients from sustainable practices that are completely traceable.

Ensuring A Good Life

Earth Animal are committed to the fundamental aims of the Five Freedoms for animals, with its focus on preventing unnecessary suffering while maintaining physical health and enabling behavioural freedom. Earth Animal believe it’s the emotional wellbeing of an animal that is the indicator of its welfare. That is why in 2020, Earth Animal have embraced the Five Domains of Animal Welfare. The Five Domains model provides a systematic and structured way to describe the welfare of an animals emotional well-being. This means Earth Animal only work with partners that provide all their animals good quality, nutritional food, as well as safe living environments and healthcare when needed, with the ability to act as they would in the wild. All of these factors lead to positive emotional well-being and an excellent life for the animal. Meaning all elements of the No-Hide Chew range are considered not only for your dog, but the food chain as well.

Other Chews

While we are sure your dog will love their Beef No-Hide Chew, Earth Animal have a fantastic range of chews that come in a variety of different flavours and styles to suit your pets needs!

We stock an excellent range of the No-Hide chews, why not have a browse of the different flavours available?

For smaller dogs, Earth Animal produce No-Hide Stix. These chews for small dogs are made with the same level of care and thought as the rest of the No-Hide range. No-hide Stix are even suitable for cats!

Stix come in packs of 10 chews, perfect for keeping your dog going!

Beyond the Earth Animal Chew Range, we stock a wide variety of options here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, including our own range of vegetable based treats! Shop the rest of our natural dog chew range here.

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Ingredients & Benefits

Ingredients: Beef, Brown Rice Flour, Beef Gelatin, Organic Eggs, Olive Oil, Banana Powder, Bromelain (Pineapple). 

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Gelatin is naturally sourced and aids with digestion.
  • Humanely raised, grass-fed, American Beef.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein.....65% Minimum
  • Crude Fat............3% Minimum
  • Crude Fiber..........2% Maximim
  • Moisture................15% Maximum

Calorie Content:  ME: 2950 Kcal/kg (Calculated)
ME: 83.60 Kcal/oz (Calculated) 
Approximately 150 KCal Per Small Beef Chew 

Manufactured in a facility that produces beef, pork, salmon, chicken, peanut butter, and venison products.