Acana Pacifica


Brand Acana

They've loaded ACANA Pacifica Dog with 70% wild-caught Pacific pilchard, flounder, silver hake and rockfish, all fished off Vancouver Island and deemed fit for human consumption prior to inclusion in our foods.

Entirely free of the pea or potato protein concentrates, ACANA derives its rich protein content from fish ingredients (not plants), supporting lean muscle mass and nourishing your dog completely.

They use fresh fish in its most natural and nourishing form. That’s why 1/2 of the fish in ACANA Pacifica Dog are fresh, and 1/2 are dried or oils to provide a concentrated source of nourishing fish protein.

Consider the variety in the natural diet: fish today, a duck or goose tomorrow, eggs the next. Mother Nature provides a diversity of proteins and fats essential to the peak health of dogs.

That’s why ACANA Pacifica features a diversity of fish – wild-caught herring, pilchard, flounder, silver hake and rockfish – all whole and in richly nourishing WholePrey™ ratios of fish, organs and cartilage that mimic the natural diet.