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Akela Digestive Aid Pumpkin Mix Complimentary Wet Food

by Akela
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Akela Digestive Aid Pumpkin Mix Complimentary Wet Food 

Designed as a digestive aid for dogs whilst transitioning to a more natural diet this tasty complimentary diet is great to have in the cupboard for recovery after upset tummies or other periods of stress.

  • Grain-Free – gentle on digestion
  • Hypo-allergenic – perfect for allergy prone dogs
  • Low Fat – fine to feed dogs prone to weight gain
  • Gentle on Digestion – ideal recovery aid
  • Adds fiber – a great boost for dogs needing more fiber in their diet

Inside this yummy mixture you will find:

Pumpkin – Great for settling tummies

Banana – Source of vitamins B & C and with benefits for digestion, heart health and muscle function

Sweet Potato – A low GI energy source, high in fiber, Vitamins A, B6 and C

Borage Oil – A fantastic source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which has anti-inflammatory properties

Chamomile – An ancient medicinal herb to promote relaxation

Ginger – Good settling aid to relieve nausea and promote general digestive health

Valarian – A gentle herbal remedy for calming and relaxing

Pre-biotic FOS & MOS – Feeds the good bacteria in your dog's stomach to promote digestive health

Coconut – contains Lauric acid which helps fight against viruses and boost the immune system


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