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Natural Cornish Pet - Compostable Cat Litter - 15kg


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Introducing our very own Natural Cornish Pet Cat Litter. These British softwood pellets are all natural and compostable, perfect for environmentally conscious cat owners!


  • Our Compostable Cat Litter is 99.7% free of dust unlike many mineral based litters.
  • Wood pellets are naturally highly absorbent, helping to soak up messes and neutralise odours. Once the pellets have absorbed the liquid, they crumble into sawdust which drops to the bottom of the litter box, leaving the fresh pellets at the top.
  • Easy clean up - generally there is less tracking with wood pellets, because they are too large to get stuck in your cat’s paws.


  • 15kg Bag

Please note: 

We do not recommend adding Cat Litter to compost that is to be used on edible plants due to the toxicity of cat waste. However, this can be used in compost for other purposes, such as lawns and inedible plants/flowers.

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