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Natural Cornish Pet - Antlers For Dogs


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Introducing our new Cornish Antlers for dogs; these durable chews are naturally shed and responsibly sourced, providing your furry friend with a whole host of health benefits.


  • 100% natural, no preservatives.
  • Hand washed in pure water rather than nasty chemicals!
  • Each chew is hand-cut and smoothed before being quality checked and labeled here at The Natural Cornish Pet Shop.
  • Naturally shed, sustainable, and responsibly sourced, no deer are harmed.
  • Antlers are high in minerals and nutrients, helping to strengthen bones and muscles, aid the immune system, and reduce cholesterol and inflammation.
  • Unlike many dog chews, antlers are low in odour and less messy.
  • A long lasting and durable chew, available in sizes to suit any canine


100% Deer Antler


  • Small: 50g to 74g
  • Medium: 75g to 149g
  • Large: 150g to 224g
  • XLarge: 225g - 299g
  • Supersized: 300g+

Feeding Guide:

Always supervise your dog whilst chewing and provide fresh drinking water. Chewing can be hard work!

Please note – as this is a natural product, the colour and size may vary slightly.

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