Forthglade Calming Treats


Forthglade’s calming treats are specifically designed to support a natural, healthy diet and help to reduce stress or anxiety. They’ve used Camomile & Lemon Balm in our recipe, both known for their natural calming and soothing properties – and with a range of wholesome ingredients like Chickpea, Sweet Potato & Chicken you can be confident that your four-legged-friend is getting the best possible nutrition from their treats.


Bursting with goodness – hand baked treats to help calm things down

calming herbs – camomile and lemon balm, which may help reduce stress or anxiety.  Skullcap – a soothing herb that may help calm dogs with a nervous disposition.

grain-free – they don’t add any grains to this recipe, so it’s great for dogs with sensitive tummies.

omega-3 – linseed is a fantastic source of omega-3, which may help to improve immunity and encourages a healthy skin and coat.

wholesome – contains nutritious, natural ingredients, as part of a healthy diet

prebiotics – chicory and MOS are both natural prebiotics, which may help to support an increase in ‘good’ gut bacteria.

yucca extract – a natural plant extract that may help improve digestion, reducing the chance of any unwanted smells!