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Green & Wilds Easy Antler Dog Chew 

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Green & Wild's Easy Antler Dog Chew

Green & Wild’s Easy Antler dog chews are a sustainable dog chew made using real deer antler. The antlers are responsibly sourced from Red Deer in Scotland, when the deer naturally shed their antlers. These chews are 100% sustainable, and do not contain any artificial ingredients.

Green & Wild’s Easy Antler Dog Chews are made from Grade A & AA Red Deer Antler, that have been naturally shed, and are traceable and sustainable from the Scottish Highlands. Each Antler is washed in pure water, hand cut and sanded to smooth any sharp edges, and are then checked and labelled - all in the UK.

The Easy Antler Dog Chews have been specially cut for younger puppies, older dogs or lazy chewers, by hand cutting the antlers lengthways to expose the nutritious inner marrow. These chews are best for dogs that do not have strong jaws and are not strong chewers.

These Chews are healthy, natural, long lasting, and are suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages.


  • High in natural minerals & nutrients
  • Helps improve circulation and metabolism, reducing cholesterol
  • Strengthens bone structure, muscles and joints
  • Aids immune system
  • No odour, no stains
  • Extremely durable
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Suitable for all sizes - Including puppies

This is a natural product, therefore the antlers will vary in size and shape.

About Green & Wild's

Green & Wild's produce natural, honest and healthy dog chews and treats that are made in the UK using only the best wholesome ingredients. The idea started when the company’s founder heard about deer antler being used as dog chews in Canada. At the time, nowhere else in the UK stocked antler chews for dogs, so the idea instantly became a hit.

Green & Wilds’ strong reputation has lead them onto producing a whole range of chews, treats and toys for dogs as well as cats. Not only that, but all of these new products stick to the same vision of being natural and wholesome. Green & Wilds’ products don’t contain any fillers, bulkers, artificial flavours or preservatives.

Other Natural Dog Chews That We Recommend

While we are sure your dog will love an Easy Antler dog chew, Green & Wild's have a variety of different options to cater for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

If you're looking for something similar to the Easy Antler chews, Green & Wild’s have a range of different Antlers to cater for different dogs needs. Original Antler Chews are better suited to dogs with stronger jaws, who love to chew away, or just need to be kept busy! Premium Fallow Antlers are softer chews for older puppies or softer chewers.

Alternatively, Green & Wild's also offer a range of wood-based chews. Chewroot Dog Chews are made from sustainably sourced tree roots, and are a great natural toothbrush, in addition to being durable and splinter free. Olivewood Chews are made from annually harvested wood from managed Olive trees, that produce a hard-grained wood that is tougher than most native (UK) woods.

Green & Wild's also have a fantastic range of treats for both dogs and cats, with a variety of different flavours that are sure to entice even the most stubborn pet!

If you are still unable to decide which Green & Wild's chew is perfect for your dog, have a read of This Handy Blog Post; dedicated to this fantastic range of chews!

Beyond the Green & Wild's chew range, we stock a wide variety of options here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, including our own range of vegetable based treats! Shop the rest of our dog chew range here.


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