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FREE DELIVERY On Orders Over £49

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100% Natural Treats & Chews For Man's Best Friend.

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JR Pet Products Pure Sticks Variety Bundle x 12 packs

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100% Natural Dog Treats & Chews

JR's award winning Pure Range is made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat... that’s it! Grain and gluten free – no additives, no preservatives…. nothing!

These delicious meat sticks are responsibly sourced from Europe and made from human grade meat. They are suitable for all breeds and both kibble and raw-fed dogs can enjoy the benefits of these treats. There are 12 varieties to choose from, with several healthy and hypoallergenic choices there is something for every dog no matter how complex their dietary needs.

This Variety Bundle of Pure Meat Sticks includes delicious Duck, Rabbit, Venison, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Kangaroo, Salmon, Seabass, Turkey, Goat and Ostrich. Naturally healthy and totally irresistible, they are one of our very best selling products, thanks to the fact they are all 100% pure meat as well as grain and gluten free.

Why this Pure Meat Sticks Variety Bundle is simply irresistible:
  • Suitable for all breeds, both raw and kibble-fed dogs
  • No offal, just premium cuts of human grade meat
  • Single source protein treats
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Suitable for puppies 4 weeks and over

Key advantages of these great honest and guilt-free chews include:

  • 100% pure meat (single source protein treat)
  • Easy to digest
  • Grain and gluten free
  • High in protein
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • 100% natural

The award-winning Pure Range, made from 100% fresh meat…that's it! Simply the best cuts of human grade meat air dried.

Contents -


Beef Sticks – 100% Beef Meat
Chicken Sticks – 100% Chicken Meat
Duck Sticks – 100% Duck Meat
Goat Sticks – 100% Goat Meat
Kangaroo Sticks – 100% Kangaroo Meat
Lamb Sticks – 100% Lamb Meat
Ostrich Sticks – 100% Ostrich Meat
Rabbit Sticks – 100% Rabbit Meat
Salmon Sticks – 100% Salmon Meat
Seabass Sticks – 100% Seabass Meat
Turkey Sticks – 100% Turkey Meat
Venison Sticks – 100% Venison Meat

Analytical Constituents

Beef Sticks – Protein 42%, oils and fats 11%, moisture 8.5%, ash 7.5%
Chicken Sticks – Protein 67%, oils and fats 8%, moisture 10%, ash 5%
Duck Sticks – Protein 46%, oils and fats 24%, moisture 8%, ash 7%
Goat Sticks – Protein 66%, oils and fats 7.5%, moisture 9.2%, ash 7%
Kangaroo Sticks – Protein 66%, oils and fats 7%, moisture 8%, ash 9.5%.
Lamb Sticks – Protein 54%, oils and fats 14%, moisture 9%, ash 10%
Ostrich Sticks – Protein 51.9%, natural oils 22.5%, moisture 10.1%, ash 7.4%
Rabbit Sticks – Protein 47%, oils and fats 8%, moisture 9%, ash 6%
Salmon Sticks – Protein 30%, oils and fats 22%, moisture 10%, ash 8.4%
Seabass Sticks – Protein 68.5%, oils and fats 17%, moisture 7.6.1%, ash 5.2%
Turkey Sticks – Protein 63.3%, oils and fats 13%, moisture 5.1%, ash 2.7%, Fibre 4.6%
Venison Sticks – Protein 64%, oils and fats 5%, moisture 10%, ash 9%

About JR Pet Products

Jonathan and Rebecca’s passion for pets, innovation, quality and nutrition led them to create their business J R Pet Products. Animal welfare is a top priority at JR. With all products responsibly sourced from Europe and using only the best quality raw material. 100% Natural Dog Treats and Chews For Man's Best Friend.

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JR Pet Products

Animal welfare is top priority at JR. with all products responsibly sourced from Europe and using only the best quality raw material. 

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