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Jr Pure Sticks - 11 x 50g


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Jr Pure Sticks - Natural Grain Free Dog Treats (11 x 50g)

Ingredients: 100% Meat...thats it! No additives, No Preservatives, Nothing! 

Grain Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

Store in a cool, dry place. Suitable for dogs of all ages.

50g per packet.
Each stick is 16cm in length and 1cm wide. 
8 sticks per pack on average.

Contents -

  • JR Pure Ostrich Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Turkey Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Venison Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Goat Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Duck Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Chicken Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Salmon Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Rabbit Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Lamb Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Kangaroo Sticks x1
  • JR Pure Beef Sticks x1
Best Grain Free Dog Treats

Grain free dog treats don't get any simpler than 100% Jr Training Treats, as they have just one single ingredient…meat! Should you be looking for a grain free dog treat with a bit of snap Canagan Dog Biscuit Bakes made with chickpeas and meaty morsels keep all four-legged friends tails wagging.

Or go au natural with our range of ethical, sustainable air dried lamb tracheasporky snouts and chicken feet to nourish your dog naturally on all the benefits that these products provide from being rich in glucosamine and omega 3.

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