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JR Simply 100% Ostrich Natural Treats & Chews - Dental Bundle for Dogs

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Simply 100% Natural Treats & Chews for Dogs - Dental Bundle

Our NEW dental bundle is ideal for preventing plaque build-up. The friction between the treat and the dog's teeth helps to lift plaque and minimize tartare. Spaghetti is particularly good for flossing!

No additives, no preservatives, nothing!

Introducing the ultimate premium grain-free healthy treats & chews bundle for your dogs dental health. 

Our Ostrich range is suitable for all dogs and often the treat of choice for dogs with complex dietary needs. Whether you want a long-lasting chew or a low-fat treat for your pooch, we have it covered. 

  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Extremely Low Fat
  • Excellent for dental hygiene 
  • Naturally rich in nutrients 
  • Suitable for all breeds 
  • 100% grain Free
  • 100% gluten-free 

The dental bundle contains the following: 

2 x JR 100% Pure Ostrich Spaghetti 
100% short tendon, the perfect chew for all breeds. 

1 x Jr 100% Pure Ostrich Bone
The ultimate hypoallergenic bone! Unique in composition the outer shell peels away to uncover a honeycomb interior. 

1 x Jr 100% Pure Ostrich Crisps 
Simply ostrich stomach, naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and wonderfully crunchy.

RRP £33.92

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