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Simply 100% Ostrich Treats & Chews Bundle for Dogs

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Simply 100% Ostrich Treat & Chews Bundle for Dogs 

No additives, no preservatives, nothing!

Introducing the ultimate premium grain-free healthy treats & chews bundle for your dog. 

Industry experts and vets recommending novel proteins, making our Ostrich treats & chews bundle the perfect choice for your dog. 

Our Ostrich range is suitable for all dogs and often the treat of choice for dogs with complex dietary needs. Whether you want a long-lasting chew or a low-fat treat for your pooch, we have it covered. 

  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Extremely Low Fat
  • Excellent for dental hygiene 
  • Naturally rich in nutrients 
  • Suitable for all breeds 
  • 100% grain Free
  • 100% gluten-free 

The bundle contains the following: 

1 x Jr Pure Ostrich Sticks 
Simply 100% pure fresh meat...that is it! Suitable for puppies 4 weeks and over. Give as a complete treat or cut into squares for training treats! The bag contains 50g which is around 8 stocks.

2 x JR Ostrich Straws
100% ostrich trachea, a hypoallergenic natural rawhide alternative. 

1 x JR Ostrich Biltong
Simply the finest cuts of Ostrich meat, healthy and irresistible to dogs. 

1 x Jr Ostrich Crisps
Simply ostrich stomach, naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. 

1 x Jr Ostrich Kebabs
Simply pure ostrich meat skewered with an ostrich. Suitable for all breeds. 

Nature perfected it, we just wrapped it into a beautiful box! The environmentally and animal welfare-friendly farming practices inherent to ostrich rearing ensure superior taste and quality. All the meat is fully traceable back to the farm and is endorsed by the South African Heart Foundation. 

RRP: £34.94 (This bundle saves you £5.95)

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