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Nandi Premium Tendon Chews Karoo Ostrich

by Nandi
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Nandi Premium Tendon Chews Karoo Ostrich - Natural Grain Free Dog Chews

Treat your dog and eliminate bad breath in the process with these slow dried and smoked (with natural hard woods) Nandi Chews Dog Treats – proudly made in sunny South Africa. Nandi is committed to the pursuit of sustainability in everything they do.

Each chew is made with special care to provide your dog with a premium, great tasting, 100% healthy and 100% natural dog treat. They contain no artificial ingredient, no preservatives and were also sustainable soured. So it really is the ultimate chew for the ultimate dog (your dog of course).

  • Suitable for DOGS
  • Great as a FUNCTIONAL TREAT to help eliminate bad breath and improve dental health
  • 100% healthy and 100% natural
  • Contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Made from a single ingredient, sustainably sourced and free range meat
  • 100g bag

Why is the Ostrich so special?
The Ostrich’s native environment is the semi-desert of South Africa’s Karoo. We only source from local farms that raise free-range Ostrich without the use of hormones or growth stimulants, where these giant birds can eat a natural diet of grass, succulents, berries, seeds, and insects. This results in a protein that is lean, low in fat and cholesterol, and high in calcium, protein and iron. All of this goodness goes into every Nandi Karoo Ostrich treat.

Ingredients: Ostrich Tendons  
Crude Protein Min % 82.9
Crude Fat Min % 1.1
Moisture Max % 1.7
Crude Fibre Max% 9.9
Caloric Content Kcal/kg 5010

Feeding Instructions
Not for human consumption. Nandi pet treats are a healthy snack or reward, bot a comlete and balanced meal. Supervise while feeding. Always have a bowl of fresh water available. 

Benefits of Nandi Treats & Chews

  • Ideal for dogs prone to allergies
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Single ingredient
  • Naturall preserved
  • No artificial flavoures of preservative
  • 100% Natural


Behind Nandi is a team of animal-loving social entrepreneurs. Sourcing their proteins from farmers who share their values and who follow the highest standards of food safety, quality and ethics.


Nandi pet treats are made from novel proteins such as Ostrich, Venison and Warthog, as well as traditional proteins like Nguni Beef – a cattle breed indigenous to Africa.


Proteins are free from hormones and routine antibiotics, and contain no artificial preservatives, added grains or unnatural fillers. Nandi pet treats are naturally healthy and nutritious.

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