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FREE Delivery over £59* | Previously known as Natural Cornish Pet
FREE Delivery over £59* | Previously known as Natural Cornish Pet
A Few of Our Great Green Friday Deals

A Few of Our Great Green Friday Deals

In our post about the difference between Green Friday and Black Friday, we spoke about the importance of putting our money and time into activities, small businesses and products that are good for our souls, the environment and the local communities we are a part of.

In the spirit of this, we hope that you, our wonderful customers, will help to support small businesses such as our own, here at Natural Cornish Pet, and charities this Friday, rather than large corporations that are well known to be bad for the environment, our communities and the tax revenues in the UK and across the world. 

Dog Outside Enjoying the Environment

However, we are also aware of the tightening of purse strings that many of us will be feeling at this moment, due to the current problems with the economy and the rising cost of living. Big businesses are able to entice us with deals and discounts on Black Friday that will tempt all of us in this fiscally tricky time.

With this all in mind, we decided to sweeten the deal a little with a few discounts of our own this Friday so you can make your dog’s dreams come true and treat yourself to a Green Friday, rather than a Black one, without breaking the bank or having to buy into big business.

A Few of our Green Friday Deals for Dogs

This week we have a plethora of great deals that are not just beneficial for the bank balance. From vegan dog chews that help to reduce our carbon pawprints to terrific toys that will encourage us to take a little more time outside with our canine companions and a whole lot more besides, you'll be sure to find something that will help to lighten the negatives that Black Friday can bring. 

A Vegan Green Friday for Dogs

Green Friday is all about doing the best we can to negate the negativity caused by commercialism on Black Friday. One of the worst things that is caused by over-shopping and the propensity for people to want new things, is the effect it can have on the environment. Dog ownership can also be tricky when we want to do what we can to make sure our carbon footprints are as low as can be, due mainly to their meat-heavy diets. 

So, it’s with great pleasure we are able to offer a delightful discount on some of our amazing vegan dog treats this Green Friday.

Benevo Vegan Dog Chews

With eight excellent flavours, there is sure to be a vegan dog treat from the brilliant brains at Benevo that will titillate the tastebuds of your dogs. These tantalising treats are an excellent way to reduce the meat content of your dog’s diet without reducing their enjoyment. With options ranging from sweet potato and blueberry sticks to succulent seaweed chews, these charming chews are also great for adding a little extra nutrition to your four-legged friends' treat drawer!

Benevo Pawtato Vegan Dog Chews

Terrific Toys for Outdoor Adventures on Green Friday

A great way to turn a blind eye to the furore caused by Black Friday is to spend a little more time in the great outdoors connecting with nature and our amazing animals. 

Taking your dog for an extended adventure this Friday can also help to shake off those winter blues for you and your canine companions. And what could be better to tempt your dog into a rigorous walk than a brand-new toy?

Chuckit! Dog Toys: Our Green Friday Deals 

At Natural Cornish Pet we pride ourselves on proving pet owners with the best brands we can and there aren't many better than Chuckit’s performance dog toys when it comes to playthings for our furry friends. 

Check out our Chuckit! Dog Toy Range Here>

Chuckit! Max Glow Balls

This is the time of year when the days are at their shortest but exercising our dogs is still essential. One of the best ways to exercise many breeds of dogs is with a rousing game of fetch, however, how do we do this when the light is fading? With a glow-in-the-dark ball of course! 

Chuckit’s Max Glow Balls are a great way to enjoy our dogs’ favourite game without the risk of losing their precious plaything in the dusk or dawn light of winter. Easily charged with a torch or bright light source, easily cleanable and perfectly textured for catching and carrying all night long, these balls are the perfect way to enjoy a game of fetch at night. And on top of all this, they are available on our Green Friday sale with a minimum discount of a whopping 27%!

Get your Green Friday Chuckit Glow Ball Deals Here>

So, this Green Friday why not support a small business and save yourself a bit of money at the same time with the fabulous Green Friday discounts at Natural Cornish Pet?

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