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Order now and receive *Free Delivery on orders over £49

Meet The Team

Meet the Natural Cornish Pet Team!

 Our passionate team are always on hand to deliver expert nutritional advice to make sure you pet is getting the best food and treats possible!



Co-founder of Doggy Day Care Cornwall, Jordan has used his knowledge from years of veterinary care and industry knowledge to develop the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, alongside Doggy Day Care Cornwall, into the one stop shop with only the best natural pet brands available on the market.

Jordan has exceptionally high standards when it comes to choosing the products we sell in our store, and believes all of our products should be free of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, and that grain must be offered proportionately to a healthy well-balanced diet of meat and vegetables, offered in wet, dry or raw recipes.



Katy Co-founded the business with Jordan in 2014, bringing her years of marketing and creative knowledge together to develop the brand you see before you today.

Having worked in the creative industries for many years, including owning a gallery in Falmouth and organising Art Fairs, Katy is the brains behind the creative development of Natural Cornish Pet and Doggy Day Care Cornwall. Making our vision a reality, from product packaging to website design.


Store Manager

Natasha comes from a background working in holistic care for humans, and has quickly adapted her knowledge of mother nature's assets to cater towards our four-legged friends.

With a love for all things Feline, Natasha keeps our shelves full with all the latest innovative natural pet supplies, and is always on hand to deliver expert nutritional advice!

Favourite Brand?

'Canagan! The proof is in the pudding, my cats, Sif & Evie, have the shiniest, softest fur and enjoy the variety of flavours. As they are suitable for all life stages, both my kitten and adult cat can enjoy the same Canagan recipes!'


Customer Service Assistant

Working alongside Natasha, Imogen strives to ensure customer satisfaction and keeps our shop looking beautiful!

As the newest member of our shop team, Imogen has been busy getting to grips with our extensive collection of natural pet products, and has recently received the 'Nature's Menu Raw Advisor' Qualification; so be sure to put her knowledge to the test the next time you visit! 

Favourite Brand?

'Because they are 100% natural and grain free, Natural Cornish Pet's own Vegetable & Peanut Butter chews are perfect for dogs and small pets alike; especially those looking to keep the weight off! Koopa, my Border Collie loves these fantastic chews!'


Warehouse Manager

Katie recently joined our team to help manage our new warehouse and keep everything running smoothly!

With a degree in Business Management, Katie helps keep our warehouse organised, so your orders can be sent our faster than ever! 

Favourite Brand?

'I do have to say, Natural Cornish Pet is my favourite brand! As a new member of the team I’ve been recently introduced to this range and my Chihuahuas love it!

From the great quality and price of Aflora's Grain Free Dog Food to the Vegetable Chew range (The Dental Twists are my dogs favourites) I can’t fault it!' 


Marketing & E-Commerce Assistant

Falmouth University Marine & Natural History Photography Graduate Henry sets tails and tongues wagging by photographing our exceptional range of treats, toys and natural food, and keeps our social media feeds and website content fresh and exciting!

You may also find Henry helping out in our shop, where he's ready to give expert advice on the best treats, chews and food for your pet!

Favourite Brand?

'My Working Cocker Spaniel has a LOT of energy to burn, and Chuckit!'s fetch toys are perfect for getting him to let off some steam!  

With so many different balls, frisbees and more to chase, catch and tug, he never gets bored, and Chuckit!'s durable designs are built to last!'


Operations Assistant

Lewis is responsible for a wide range of tasks behind the scenes, including: Bagging and labelling our own exciting range of Treats & Chews, ensuring our wholesale orders are packed and dispatched efficiently, to receiving and processing deliveries at our warehouse! 

Favourite Brand?

'My Labrador, Hugo, loves the Pet Bakery Treats Range, particularly the Luxury Liver Brownies! I love the way they use high quality, human-grade ingredients, and bake their treats by hand, meaning Hugo is getting the best treats possible!'


Warehouse Assistant

Matt takes great care in ensuring that your online orders are packed and sent as quickly as possible, ensuring no treat is left behind!

Favourite Brand?

'After my dog experienced a problem with fleas, I was recommended the Wildwash Anti-Flea Shampoo by a colleague, and the results were amazing!

It's really helped to get rid of the fleas and soothe her itchy skin, and her fur looked and smelled great afterwards too!'

Meet the Pack  

In Memory of Flora & Grace

Flora and Grace found themselves part of Katy and Jordan's family after losing their own humans, and quickly became Natural Cornish Pet's chief product testers, as well as the inspiration behind some of our own products! 

Sadly Flora & Grace passed on in 2020, but their memories live on strong in the inspirations behind many of our own brand products. In fact, our Aflora Grain Free Dog Food range and Natural Cornish Pet logos are both based on Flora the Airedale herself.

These former superstars of the team are where it all began for us, and we hope to continue honouring their memories with the progression of Natural Cornish Pet for many years to come.


Introducing Artemis, the newest addition to our team. Joining us in summer 2021 as a puppy, Artemis is a Borderdoodle and is going to be helping us to test out all of our latest products, ensuring you receive only her top picks! 

Follow her adventures on instagram @artemis.doodle