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A Few of the Best Natural Wet Dog Food Producers in the UK

A Few of the Best Natural Wet Dog Food Producers in the UK

As dog owners, it can sometimes feel like a chore when choosing the right wet foods for your canine companions, with more choices now than there ever have been from a veritable plethora of producers, making the right decision can be an arduous journey.

Thankfully, for you, at Natural Cornish Pet we pride ourselves on the selection process we undergo in order to choose the best all-natural wet dog foods that appear on our shelves. We won't sell anything that doesn't stand up to our rigorous testing and we are happy to stand by each and every product that ends up on our shelves because of this.

When it comes to wet foods we make sure that every producer that we represent has an ethos that puts the health and happiness of our dogs first. We ensure that they use recipes that are made with only the finest all-natural ingredients, the best sources of protein and the expertise that every dog owner should expect from the people behind the dog food that is in their dog’s bowls every day.

Below we have selected a few of the fantastic providers we work with and given you a lowdown of what they are all about, so next time you are struggling with a wet food selection for your dogs, you can narrow down the options a bit. That being said, don't forget that every wet food we sell, in-store or online, adheres to our insanely high standards and we are always here to help you make a decision if you are unsure which is the best choice for your dog. 

 Canagan Natural Wet Dog Foods

Using the finest British ingredients in a superb selection of grain-free recipes made with carbon-neutral processes, Canagan is one of our favourite producers of wet food for dogs.

Their range is also based on an ancestral ratio of prime protein sources to natural carbohydrates that wolves would hunt in the wild, giving your dogs exactly what they need to maintain the healthiest of bodies. Their mouth-watering wet foods for dogs are made with the freshest meats and fish mixed with organic vegetables and chelated minerals and botanicals to create perfectly balanced recipes for the canine companion in your life.

Canagan Wet Dog Food

Natural Wet Dog Foods from Forthglade

This delightfully Devonian company is one of the best in the South West, with a factory situated in the stunning scenery of Exmoor National Park producing some of the finest wet dog foods one could wish for. With a history that dates back well over 50 years, Forthglade is a company that has expertise many could only hope for. They make stunning all-natural grain-free wet dog foods that contain only the best British ingredients without the addition of any nasty artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Forthglade has been on our shelves since day dot and our dogs love every wet food option they produce.

Forthglade Wet Dog Foods


Browse the Range of Fabulous Forthglade Wet Foods for Dogs Here>

Natures Menu Natural Wet Dog Foods

The fine folks over at Natures Menu believe that the best dog foods are made with real ingredients and are free from anything artificial or any derivatives. They use only the finest cuts of human-grade meat, sourced from the very best suppliers, combined with fruits and vegetables chosen for their nutritional value and fabulous flavours, making for wet dog foods that are delicious and super healthy. All of their wet foods for dogs are gently cooked in their Norfolk-based facility to ensure the maximum nutrient content is obtained from the amazing ingredients inside. And with a huge range of fabulous flavours, you’ll be sure to find something your dog absolutely loves!

Peruse our Selection of Natures Menu Natural Wet Foods Here>

Natural Wet Dog Foods from Natures Deli

Natures Deli wet food trays for dogs are the perfect way to enjoy naturally nutritious ingredients in perfect harmony for your four-legged friends. With 100% natural ingredients, complete recipes that are a great balance of nutrition and flavour and a range of six superb recipes to choose from you won't be disappointed. The recipes from Natures Deli are also free from anything artificial (as well as gluten, dairy and wheat), completely hypoallergenic and all-natural, and have added prebiotics to help promote healthy digestion in your beloved dogs. What more could you want from wet food for your dogs?

Natures Deli Wet Dog Foods

Get Your Natures Deli Wet Food for Dogs Here>

So, next time you’re struggling to choose a brand for your dog's next wet food adventure, why not try one of our favourites from the list above and treat them to something you know will be brilliant and has passed the rigorous testing we employ here, at Natural Cornish Pet. 

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