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Pick & Mix for Dogs at Natural Cornish Pet

Pick & Mix for Dogs at Natural Cornish Pet

I can vividly remember being small and the wonder I felt when my mum and I went into the Woolworths shop on the high street bedecked in its red and white signage, as I knew the time was nigh for Pick & Mix. The paper bags, the wall with a veritable rainbow of magical confectionery, the white plastic scoops that you used to pick up careful amounts of each sweet so you could stretch your pocket money budget the furthest it could go, all gives me that gorgeous rush of nostalgia. But why are you waffling on about sweets I hear you ask! Well, here at Natural Cornish Pet we have the perfect pooch specific Pick & Mix that will give your dog all the same delights that were felt by a child in the 90s with their head buried in a red and white striped bag stuffed with confectionery.

Of course our Pick & Mix does not contain any sugary sweets at all, just the very best all natural, wonderfully wholesome treats and chews that are available to your dogs. From deliciously chewy air dried pigs ears and resplendent rabbit’s feet to fabulous fishy chews and virtuous vegetable surprises, our pick and mix has enough variety to keep all shapes and sizes of dog content. 

Pick and Mix for Dogs at Natural Cornish Pet

Our perfectly hand curated selection of doggy Pick & Mix is packed with an almost never ending choice of fabulous treats and chews that are made with love, care and the very best ingredients we can find. A large percentage of our wonderful pick and mix range is also our very own Natural Cornish Pet products and we pride ourselves on our dog expertise, garnered over many years of running our sister business Doggy Day Care Cornwall, as well as a dedication to providing your canine companions the very best of all natural foods, treats and chews. We also believe that all dogs should have a choice when it comes to the very best, so they can be kept happy and healthy for as long as they can be.

Peruse the Whole of our Pick & Mix Range Here>

Our pick and mix range is also a wonderful opportunity to experiment when it comes to a new treat or chew for your dogs as you can buy as many or as few of each tasty treat as you wish. Does your dog prefer a magical meat selection? Try our air dried meaty chews! Are they trying to minimise their carbon paw-print? Pick up some deliciously nutritious vegetable chews. Do they prefer a taste of the ocean when it comes to a reward? Peruse our fish chews and get them reminiscing about those beach days you spent together that one time the weather was good this summer! 

Air Dried Meaty Chews

All of our marvellous meaty chews in the Pick & Mix range are all air dried to lock in maximum flavour and nutrition for your dogs. These meaty morsels come in a massive variety of forms made from all kinds of protein sources that will keep any canine mouth drooling at the very thought. As always with products at Natural Cornish Pet all of the treats and chews in the pick and mix range are all natural, grain and preservative free and made with only the best possible ingredients.

Pick & Mix Meat Chews

One of our favourite chews this summer has been the Rabbit Ears with Fur, these natural chews are a rich source of fibre made with 100% air dried rabbit. Fur being left on a chew also helps your dog as it is a natural form of protection against worms and can help to maintain healthy teeth and gums too.

Get Some Natural Cornish Pet Rabbit Ears with Fur Here>

Vegetable Chews

If it's a naturally low fat and environmentally conscious treat or chew you and your dog are looking for, look no further than our virtuous vegetable chews. With over 30 different varieties to choose from, our Natural Cornish Pet Vegetable Chews are a nutritionally dense alternative to meat and fish based chews and are equally, if not more, delicious. 

Pick & Mix Veg Chews

A great example of our vegetable based chews are our Peanut Butter Crocodiles, which are made with a cool combination of peanut butter and vegetables and provide rich sources of protein, vitamin B and E and Niacin. The unique shape of these cute chews also massages your dog's gums and teeth when eaten and helps to keep them healthy and sparkling. 

Pick Up Some Virtuous Vegetable Chews Here>

Low Fat Fish Chews 

Last but by no means least in our Pick & Mix range at Natural Cornish Pet are our fabulous Fish Chews. Our fish chews are all natural fish products that are sourced in the UK and are naturally air dried to maintain nutrition and keep durability as a chew. The fish chews are low in fat, high in flavour and are a great source of omegas 3 and 6, which are essential to keeping your dogs joints, fur and skin healthy as well as aiding the function of their immune systems. 

Pick & Mix Fish Chews

Our Mighty Fish Chew is the perfect example of our low Fat Fish Chew range with its all natural, preservative and additive free recipe. The Mighty Fish Chews are made with 100% air dried fish skins that are pressed into a deliciously long lasting chew that will keep your dog entertained for hours as well as giving them a brilliant boost to their health. 

With nostalgia in spades and a massive range of brilliant delicious all natural chews and treats we think our Pick & Mix is the perfect gift for your dogs. With a wide variety of natural and nutritious treats and chews and the freedom to choose exactly what and how much of it you want to buy, Natural Cornish Pet Pick & Mix for dogs is surely the best way to get your dog’s next fix.

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