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Tasty Baked Treats for Dogs from Pet Bakery

Tasty Baked Treats for Dogs from Pet Bakery

It’s that time of year again when many of us are getting our aprons on, dusting off our rolling pins and eagerly awaiting the return of the Great British Bake Off to our television sets. Whether you love to bake or are, like me, an avid consumer of cake and biscuits, it's certainly the time to get excited for our floury favourites. There's nothing more enchanting than the warm waft of sugary, yeasty smells that greets you when you step into any bakery, it's enough to get the mouth watering at the very thought! I can still remember when I was small and the enchanting sickly sweet aroma of the yeast, flour and icing sugar radiating from the bakery on the high street of the town I grew up in! 

It's estimated that a dog’s smell is anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than that of a human, so I can only imagine how amazing a bakery would smell to them! However many baked goods that are easily digestible by us simply aren't by our canine companions, so the floury treats can rarely be shared. However here at Natural Cornish pet we have got a range of wonderful baked treats from the lovelies at Pet Bakery, that are specially formulated for your canine companions and will give them the chance to sample the best of baked goods each and every treat time.  

Pet Bakery at Natural Cornish Pet 

Pet Bakery is a small family run business based in Northern Ireland and specialising in wonderfully wholesome, artisan dog treats. They pride themselves on making hand baked treats with only the very best human grade ingredients resulting in some of the most highly rated baked treats for dogs around. At Natural Cornish Pet we have the four best sellers from Pet Bakery on our shelves as well as a bountiful bundle containing them all, so your dog can sample all of the beautiful baked treats we stock from the impressive Pet Bakery. 

Pet Bakery Cheeky Cheese Paws

Now I assume it's because of the ease at which food can bring back memories but cheese straws are yet another bakery related item that takes me right back to being a child again, standing on a stool beside my mum at the kitchen counter, covered in a good layer of flour and a stomach full of sneakily stolen cheese. At Natural Cornish Pet we love to give our dogs a special treat when training, rewarding or just for being the best dog and we think these cheese paws are a perfect way to do this. The deliciously cheesy shortbread biscuits are made with chunks of real cheese and have no added salt or artificial additives, so your pooch can be pampered whilst you can be safe in the knowledge that these treats are made with only the best all natural ingredients.

Pet Bakery Cheeky Cheese Paws - Natural Dog Treats.

Pet Bakery Luxury Liver Brownies

There's not many desserts that are more indulgent than a good quality and deliciously gooey brownie. Sadly as dogs are particularly sensitive to chocolate a brownie is not something that you'd usually find in their treats drawer. However the clever brains at Pet Bakery have formulated a recipe that will enable your dogs to enjoy a beautiful brownie when it's time for a treat. Made with human grade liver, honey, salmon oil, rice flour and eggs, these sumptuously rich squares of baked goodness are a treat for the tastebuds as well as the body and are perfect for any occasion.

Pet Bakery Luxury Liver Brownies - Natural Treats For Dogs.

Pet Bakery Sumptuous Sunday Roast Bones

In the home of the famous Cornish pasty it wasn't going to be long before we espoused the favourable factors of some more meaty baked goods. And there's no surprise that Pet Bakery is there yet again to provide the party in the mouth of your pooches. These Sumptuous Sunday Roast Bones are shortbread biscuits packed with the classic Sunday lunch ingredients of beef, carrots and peas and are of course completely free from any added nasties. These little meaty morsels are a perfect treat on any day of the week for any dog that likes some artisanal goodies for their rewards.

Pet Bakery Sumptuous Sunday Roast - Natural Treats For Dogs.

Pet Bakery Tasty Chicken Mini Bones

Now, if your dog is a fussy eater and doesn't like beef on their Sunday lunch, why not try some of the fabulously flavourful Chicken Mini Bones from Pet Bakery. These little bones are stuffed with chicken and flavoured with a delicious hint of rosemary and at Natural Cornish Pet we've found that our dogs find them absolutely irresistible. 

Pet Bakery Tasty Chicken Mini Bones - Natural Treats For Dogs.
Pet Bakery Bundle - Natural Treats For Dogs.

So, as Paul and Prue return to our screens, the aprons are extracted from the back of the cupboards and the whisks are at the ready, don't forget your dogs and get some beautifully baked treats from Pet Bakery at Natural Cornish Pet today so they never feel left out of the floury fun.

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