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FREE Delivery over £59* | Previously known as Natural Cornish Pet
Baddesley Clinton - The Midlands Walks With Dogs

UK Dog Walking Guide: The Mighty Midlands

As we move north on our virtual dog-walking trip across the mainland of the UK we come across one of the largest areas of England, The Midlands. Depending on who you get your information from the Midlands contains anywhere between 11 and 14 counties with borders that are often disputed. What we do know is that the Midlands area is roughly based on the boundaries of the Kingdom of Murcia, which was formed in the Early Middle Ages and dominated England for over three hundred years.

Nowadays The Midlands still contains the second biggest city in the UK, after London, in the form of Birmingham and is home to a high concentration of other industrial hubs including; Coventry, Leicester, Stoke-on-Trent, Walsall and Wolverhampton. In and around the metropolitan madness of these city hubs there are also some fantastic oases of beautiful countryside, stunning scenery and perfect parks to take your four-legged friends into, so they can frolic amongst the gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed on this fantastic area.

A Canal in The Midlands

The Midlands Canal Network 

All across The Midlands, there is a massive network of canals that were once the beating heart of the industrial revolution in Britain. There are hundreds of miles of these wondrous waterways webbed across The Midlands that today are places of tranquillity and peace that make perfect places to perambulate with your pooches. 

One of the jewels in the crown of the canal network of The East Midlands is the stunning Cossall Canal walk. Located in Nottinghamshire and just a stone's throw away from the perfectly picturesque village of Cossasll, this easy-going walk offers stunning views and a chance to reconnect with nature. On this wonderful walk, you can also see the pretty St. Catherines church, which features in the writings of DH Lawrence, as well as a plethora of native plant and animal species that will keep you interested as well as thoroughly exercised. 

Find a Guided Dog Walk of Cossall Canal Here>

Another great canal walk in The Midlands is one situated in the heart of Warwickshire, that incorporates a stretch of the famous Grand Union Canal as well as The Forest of Arden and the secluded manor house, Baddesley Clinton. With quaint villages, fantastic natural habitats, awe-inspiring views and a healthy dollop of history, this awesome walk has it all.

Plan Your Trip to Baddesley Clinton With National Trust Here>

Fantastic Forests

Situated on the border of Shropshire and Herefordshire is the fantastic, thousand hectares, Mortimer Forest. Named after Norman Lords who held power over the region centuries ago, this wooded wonder is a perfect place to get some fresh air and exercise with your furry friends. With easy access, plentiful parking and a whole host of tremendous trails, you won't be short of options when you and your dogs visit the marvellous Mortimer Forest. 

Plan Your Mortimer Walk Here>

There are also a plethora of other wonderful woodlands in The Midlands, with Cannock Chase Forest, Arley Wood, Hay Wood and the world-famous Sherwood Forest, to name but a few. So, if it's trees and streams and woodland paths you in your dogs are craving, it’s time to visit The Midlands with your walking boots for forest fun aplenty.  

Major Oak Sherwood Forest

See the Forestry Commission Map Here>

National Trust - Walking in The Midlands 

Whenever we are researching the best places to visit with our dogs, we often turn our attention to The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, more commonly known as the National Trust. This fantastic charity is well known across the land and looks after some of the best places to walk that we have in this country and none more so than in The Midlands. 

Places like Clumber Park, home of the Clumber Spaniel breed, has been a place for dogs and their owners to enjoy for many years. This fantastic parkland is a 3,800-acre expanse of grasslands, heath, woods as well as a magnificent lake, that all offer freedom and tranquillity when you’re wandering with your dogs. Clumber is even home to its very own dog-friendly cafe, Central Bark, which is open every day!

Clumber Park

Find out all About Clumber Park Here>

Clent Hills which lie 10 miles southwest of Birmingham is another gorgeous place to walk in The Midlands, that is looked after by National Trust members. This stunning haven of the countryside is a breath of fresh air, that offers awe-inspiring panoramas of the Cotswolds, the Shropshire Hills and the Welsh borders. With miles of footpaths and plenty of trails for all abilities, you and your dogs would never get bored of the stunning Clent Hills. 

Plan Your Day in the Clent Hills with National Trust Here>

With so many superb places to visit in The Midlands, it’s hard to do it justice in one short blog post. However, if you are in the Midlands anytime soon, why not try one of our recommendations for walking your dogs and let us know what you thought. We’d also love to hear your magical Midlands recommendations too, as I'm sure we will have missed some unmissable hidden gems that there are in this outstanding area.
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